In today’s ever changing business environment, those organizations that stay vigilant and agile will be the ones that succeed. A competitive advantage through technology is short lived, engaging your workforce into exceeding performance levels is where we get our true sustained competitive advantage. We can help and maintain the competitive advantage, and improve the skills/leadership of your people for continued operational growth/efficiency with a systematic approach.

For those in the healthcare industry, compliance programs have always been a good idea. The ACA now requires a wide range of providers to develop compliance and ethics programs to continue participating in the Medicare and Medicaid programs. Compliance help at Mardac includes HIPAA audits, building your risk assessment analysis, training and educating your staff on HITECH and Omnibus requirements plus developing a compliance plan targeted specifically for YOUR organization. Healthcare breaches can be costly; let Mardac keep you off the Wall of Shame.

At Mardac Consultants/Mardac Healthcare we make meaningful changes by designing simple practical solutions, coaching, auditing, and facilitating.

Quality Doesn’t Just Happen… It Begins With People

Healthcare and HIPAA Consultants, Meaningful Use Consultants - in Oregon


A successful compliance program addresses the public and private sectors’ mutual goals of reducing fraud and abuse, enhancing healthcare providers’ operations, improving the quality of healthcare services, and reducing the overall cost of healthcare services.

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Achieve the vision & goals you have with a business coach.

Mardac Talent Management

Talent Management

Managing your human resource effectively, leads to bottom line results.

Mardac Learning, Development & Training

Learning, Development & Training

We all pay for our employee training whether we have a program or not. A formal Training program improves quality and productive.


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